Despite all the advantages, online shopping has its hazards; one such is an online infraction. In this condition, the bank account or the credit card of the user is at the risk of hacking. Such types of online breaches occur more in the retail sector than in any other sector. According to a recent report by Thales eSecurity back in 2017, 75 percent of the U.S retailers experienced infractions while only 26 percent of the online population were found to implement encryption, which prevents breaches.

As more people are taking interest in sports and the recent Olympics championships, the amount of online shopping at sportswear sites has increased to a greater extent and customers are a lot happier with an easier approach to online shopping. As the dependence on online shopping increases, the risk of breaches increases, and customers are advised to review their bank statements regularly to avoid such situations. According to fabletics consumer reviews, many of the customers are having a happy shopping, buying sportswear, and paying through credit cards. Following are the approaches one should know while shopping online for sportswear.

  • Using strong passwords for online and mobile banking access: Biometric is one of the ways through which the users can be authenticated before accessing bank accounts, such logins can include fingerprint (Touch IDs) or facial recognition systems.
  • Calculate starting and ending balances through bank statements: As your statements show every transaction in your account, this helps in comparing the amount before and after the purchases made through sportswear sites. Observe how much you had in your account at the start and end of the successful transactions.
  • Identifying frauds using statements: If you see something suspicious in your account after purchase or even after providing your bank details to an online market, make sure to report the problem, in many cases federal law can protect you from such losses.
  • Storage and retrieval of online bank statements: upon choosing electronic statements, your bank will store bank statements worth several years for you; you can download them any time after purchase and save those documents for future use.
  • Deleting the statements erase any record that can reach the hacker: while there is still a chance of theft if you are using the paper statements sent to you in the mailbox, online bank statements can maintain your privacy more simply, after each review of your bank statement you can either delete them from your account or keep them safe in a folder on your device.


The above-mentioned are some ways to protect online buyers and sportswear fanatics from theft and infraction, other than that, 2-factor authentication is a widely used approach for such matters, In which you do not need only a password, pass code, or biometric logins such as a fingerprint or facial scanning to authenticate your access to accounts, but you can also receive a one-time code to your mobile phone for further verification. Make sure to review your bank statements very often, if something looks odd; contact your bank or credit card company immediately.

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